Back to Romantic Nsburg!
February 14th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone! It’s Valentines day and a new Qwerpline just went up. So to celebrate and put you in a loving mood, here’s some Nsberg Valentines poems for you and your loved ones.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Racoons have rabies,
And now you do too.

Roses are red,
Nsberries have spots,
Richard Therpston is dead,
But his spirit is not!

Roses are red,
The Shaunessy 2 is dry,
Even Derek has a date,
I think I might cry.

If you can think of any more Nsberg valentines, leave them in the comments!

In other video news, we have a very romantic Feed Dump this week. Once again, we return to the theme of… a Man’s romance.

This episode also brings us this gif of a perfect Feed Dump OTP.

It’s also Mail Time! We got so much mail in December, there will be an extra video this month!

The Royal Rumble Report episode of Sidewalk Slam is out! Look at these amazing wrestleboys! Look at these amazing talkboys talk about watching the wrestleboys wrestle… IN PERSON! Graham and Adam are still very excited.

And finally, in case you missed it, the Aether Revolt nicknames podcast finally went up! Yah! Not all the nicknames are winners, but they’re all nicknames.

2017, year of illness
February 7th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

As you may have heard from various LRR streams and social media accounts, a plague has descended upon House LRR. An ill wind blows across us now, scattering snotty tissues and exasperating our chest congestion. Truly, a pox hath befallen our wretched souls.

Which is to say that the stream schedule might be a little interrupted this week, as Alex, Paul and Cameron are all feeling under the weather. Graham is nicely recovering from his PAX pox, but it’s been a slightly trying time for everyone’s immune systems.

That said, we haven’t let illness get in the way of providing content!

If you’re looking for a Valentines gift this year, Feed Dump has you covered!

The Crapshoot returned this week, and produced this episode, which I’m told Paul found immensely enjoyable to shoot.

And finally LoadingReadyLive returned last week, with a healthy challenge for once!

PAX South is over! Back to work!
January 31st, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everybody!

Another great PAX has come and gone, and as usual everyone’s high on feels and daytime cold medication. Graham and Ian have succumbed to the PAX pox, and Adam and James are being monitored for coughing, sneezing and blocked sinuses. So that’s fun.

Due to PAX, CheckPoint this week was more of a light chat about video game news, rather than a full evisceration of the idiocy of the game industry, but it was still fun. We’re scheduled to be back on track this week though — stay tuned for Watch + Play this week, the return of the Crapshoot and a new episode of LoadingReadyLive this week!

In the meantime, why not watch some of the videos we put up last week?

This week on Feed Dump, we consider what kind of effort it takes to become an Australian superhero.

Cameron, Graham and Alex talk about how Aether Revolt is shaking out in terms of highlander staples.

And we didn’t do a Crapshoot, but we did make this Crapshot.